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We would like to introduce our organization kashmir Education Consultancy and  the services that we have been providing for the overall benefit of the students  who really have the zeal and affordability to have modern higher education at the renowned colleges and universities across the globe. It was not long ago that the students of Jammu and Kashmir were not quite commonly aware of where to get higher education of appropriate kind, and modern higher educational subjects are still not available at the institution of higher education in Jammu and Kashmir.

In such an educationally demanding circumstance in Jammu and Kahsmir  there is a great need for effective counseling service at a national level to provide guidance and appropriately advise the students, so that students who can afford to and who are aspiring for higher education in India and abroad, can search out appropriate opportunities to study overseas.


We are extremely proud to state that our services, particularly at a time when we in Jammu and Kahsmir are very much pressed with the demands of students wishing to study abroad, are getting success especially in the International institutions of great repute. From all that we have gathered so far, we have come to realize that you have a very good institution of higher education, highly favored by the international students, particularly from the nations of our Asian region. Thus we have all the nicest reasons to assume your college to be one of the esteemed colleges in the US with the great qualities in the academic sector , its departments and the overall academic environment that your university has been providing to all those international students, with the affordable means.

Students from Jammu and Kashmir  at several colleges and universities abroad are engaged in their academic excellence and are earnestly moving ahead towards their goal. In the same way, the ones who aspire for that kind of education back here in herel are seriously looking forward to see as to how to make higher education abroad possible for them. It is exactly for that reason that this E-com Education Consultancy is sincerely effortful ever than before. The results are highly promising and auspicious, and the commitments are greatly propitious. The increased number of students, leaving State for the universities abroad, has spoken a lot for the fame, credibility and exemplary supportiveness of these universities. We are pretty sure that they all are contributive to the students in successively achieving their career goals, and not just educational ones in the future.


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