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University of Perpetual Help System

About – University of Perpetual Help System, Philippines

University of Perpetual Help System, is a co-education Institution of higher learning located in Las Pinas City; Metro Manila, Philippines founded in 1975 by Dr. (Brigadier) Antonio Tamayo, Dr. Daisy Tamayo, and Ernesto Crisostomo as Perpetual Help College of Rizal (PHCR). It has nine campuses offering over 70 courses in 20 colleges. The University inculcates the Perpetualite values, teachings and principles. Graduate of University of Perpetual Help call themselves Perpetualites with Alumni Chapters in Philippines and USA. The institute was given University Status in 1997 by CHED.

The School of Medicine in University of Perpetual Help began in 1996, It Offers the Doctor of Medicine Degree or MD in Philippines. The Degree is recognized by Medical Council of India as equal to the MBBS in India conducted by Medical Colleges in India. University of Perpetual Help MD – MBBS Degree entails full time Medical Education in the Philippines which is equal to MD in the USA and MBBS in the UK and MBBS in India, The Medical Degree and the Medical School is listed and / or recognized by the following institutions in the World. CHED Philippines, WHO, Medical Board of California (USA), MCI, USMLE, FAIMER, General Medical Council – UK, etc .


Advantages of Philippines:
  • A former colony of USA. Follows US pattern.
  • English is Official Language like India. All citizens speak English (unlike in China, Russia or Ukraine) – No need to learn any foreign Language!!
  • Excellent Teachers – some of who are educated in USA – superior Quality.
  • Rotating Internship / Clerkship in USA possible.
  • Philippines is the highest provider of nurses & Doctors to the USA.


Medical Graduates are eligible to apply for

  • ECFMG certification and USMLE examinations for working in the USA.
  • Canadian & Australia Medical Council licensing and State registration exams.
  • UK PLAB & Ireland registration exams.
  • MCI Screening Test for Registration in India.

Degree is recognized by

  • California Board of Medicine, CFGNS USA & CHED – Govt. of Philippines.
  • Govt. of India – MCI, UK, Singapore, Canada, Australia, Gulf Countries etc.


Fee Structure

Fees for University of Perpetual Help – Manila. 5½ years MD-MBBS after class XII
BA Psychology
1½ Year
1st Yr 2nd Yr 3rd Yr 4th Yr Total
Annual Tuition Fees (Peso) 3,00,000 3,00,000 3,00,000 1,50,000 1,50,000 12,00,000
Peso / INR Rate 1.45 1.45 1.45 1.45 1.45
Fee in Indian Rs per Year 4,35,000 4,35,000 4,35,000 2,17,500 2,17,500 17,40,000


Fees for University of Perpetual Help – Manila. 4 year MD-MBBS after Graduation
1st Yr 2nd Yr 3rd Yr 4th Yr Total
Annual Tuition Fees (Peso) 3,00,000 3,00,000 2,00,000 2,00,000 10,00,000
Peso / INR Rate 1.45 1.45 1.45 1.45
Annual Tuition Fees (INR) 4,35,000 4,35,000 2,90,000 2,90,000 14,50,000
Exchange rate: 47 Philippine Pesos = 1 US $ = 67 Indian rupees.
Fees are denominated in pesos.

Living Expenses:

  1. 1. Approximate cost of accommodation is Rs 6000-7000/month (Payable yearly in advance) Water & Electricity on Actual basis.
  2. 2. Cost of Indian food is Rs 5000 – 6000/month.

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